Among Others by Jo Walton, a review

Among OthersBook:  Among Others

Author:  Jo Walton

Published:  18 January 2011

Publisher:  TOR Books

Date Read:  9 February 2015

Format: Softcover

Source:  Borrowed from Pulaski County Public Library

First Line:  “The Phurnacite factory in Abercwmboi killed all the trees for two miles around.”

Genre/Rating:  Science Fiction/Fantasy/3

GoodReads Rating:  3.67

Awards: Hugo Award for Best Novel 2012, Nebula Award for Best Novel 2012, British Fantasy Award 2012, and World Fantasy Award for best Novel Nominee.

Other Books by Author: The King’s Peace (TOR, 2000), The King’s Name (TOR, 2001), The Prize in the Game (TOR, 2002), Tooth and Claw (TOR, 2003; Reprinted Orb 2009), Farthing (TOR, 2006), Ha’Penny (TOR, 2007), Half a Crown (TOR, 2008), Lifeload (NESFA, 2009), and My Real Children (TOR and Corsair, 2014).

Review:  I decided to pick this book up based upon the strong recommendation of MercysBookishMusings and I was not disappointed at all.  I did find the first third of the book a bit slow paced and even considered abandoning it at times, but I stuck with it and am certainly glad that I did.

Written in diary form, this monologic narrative recounts a segment of the protagonist’s life during 1979 and 1980 when she was 15 years of age.  Written from the sole perspective of the protagonist, the reader is unsure if the diary records actual events or events as perceived real by the diary’s author.  Whatever the actual reality, this epistolary novel is a wonderful homage to the word of science fiction and fantasy, as well as the world of literature, as a whole.  Among Others mentions over 300 works of science fiction and fantasy and someone has even started a GoodReads’ listing of these novels.

If you love books, Among Others will thrill you with its glimpse into the world of a fellow book lover!

Happy Reading,

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