The Final Empire, initial impressions

The_Mistborn_by_lone_momoI have just finished the first two sections of The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and would like to discuss my initial impressions.

The Final Empire is my first venture into Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere and I have already discussed the parallels I have discovered between Mistborn and Dune.  After reading 46.5 percent of The Final Empire I can emphatically state that I love Brandon Sanderson’s writing style and worldbuilding ability and can fully comprehend the fandom that appreciates everything that he writes.

The characters are fully developed and draw you into the narrative.  It is difficult to name one protagonist because I feel that both Kelsier and Vin play leading parts equally.  Whereas, I was instantly attracted to the self-confidence and allomantic abilities of Kelsier, I found Vin difficult to like at first.  Within the first two sections of the book, Vin does not trust easily and her self confidence is nil; these attributes are due to the circumstances in which she was raised and finds herself in when she is discovered by Kelsier.  By the beginning of the third part of the book, Vin’s personality has flourished and she becomes a most enjoyable character.

Other characters to whom I am drawn include Sazed and Lord Elend Venture.  Sazed is a fantastic character and I am most interested to learn his backstory.  He seems to be a timeless person who is intelligent and mysterious.  Lord Elend Venture is a prolific reader and who doesn’t like this characteristic.

The antagonists are equally balanced within the narrative.  The Lord Ruler and his Steel Ministry are so wicked and evil that they keep you on the edge of your seat and provide an outstanding contrast to the book’s “good guys” for lack of a better term.

The Final Empire is really enjoyable and I greatly anticipate continuing within the Cosmere.

Happy Reading,

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