Purple Malden Filofax for My Wife

I ordered a personal Purple Malden for my wife from Pens and Leather and it arrived this morning.  It is the first Malden that I have ever touched and I can now understand all of the fandom surrounding this Filofax model.  Here is a picture of the lovely thing!

2012-10-24 14.16.03
And here is a picture of the Malden opened up.

2012-10-24 16.34.15
I made her five sections and personalized each divider with a picture.  The first divider is for Diary and it has a picture of Joyce Meyer on it.  Joyce is a favorite preacher, teacher, and author who my wife and I love.

2012-10-24 16.34.35
The next section is Notes and the divider is a picture of a Celtic cross.

2012-10-24 16.34.48
The next section is Projects and it is a picture of Dr. Creflo Dollar, a preacher who my wife and I adore.

2012-10-24 16.35.00
The next section is Information and it has a picture of an open Bible and a cup of tea….how relaxing!

2012-10-24 16.35.11
The final section is Financial and is a picture of a list of the attributes of God.

2012-10-24 16.35.24
I really hope my wife loves her Filofax just as much as I love mine.  I am giving it to her tonight and I will let you know her reaction.

P.S.  She loved it!!!



4 thoughts on “Purple Malden Filofax for My Wife

  1. What a beautiful thing…and what a lot of thought you’ve put into it! I’m so glad she love it.
    My wife thinks I’m a complete geek as regards my Flofax enthusiasm – but then she’s an online gamer, so we declare that one a draw!


  2. Wow what a lovely thing to do for your wife. Looks fantastic and am thinking of doing something similar. Just wondering where you got the sticky note insert that you have pictured above? Very inspiring 🙂


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