My Filofax A5 Cuban

2012-04-25 14.42.16I have just recently revived my interest in Filofax.   A few years ago, I abandoned the concept of a paper organizer in lieu of the tech-savvy PDA.  The PDA was replaced by a smartphone and then by an iPad.  Even though I wanted to use these gadgets to track my contacts, lists, calendar, and other aspects of my life, I found I missed the comfort of a fountain pen moving over paper.  Please allow me to introduce you to my Filofax A5 Cuban in black….his name is Tennyson.

2012-04-25 13.48.51(1)With all of the Filofax colors available, some of you may be wondering why in the world did I purchase a black organizer.  After all, the Cuban does come in Chilli and Chestnut, in addition to the black, but I wanted an organizer that would match my man bag and other leather accroutements from Saddleback Leather Company.

2012-04-25 13.31.15A couple of weeks ago, I set about in earnest to set up Tennyson in a way that would best suit my needs.  As part of my reasearch into the best set-up method, I scoured Philofaxy and Youtube.  I really enjoyed Judith's (aka Jotje) video on her A5 Adelphi and I implemented some of her ideas on my own.  I was using the 2PPD calendar but she convinced me to switch to the W2P in order to save valuable oragnizer space.  Yesterday, I visited Staples and bought some Martha Stewart inserts for my Filofax.  I am in the process of setting everything up and I will post a video tour to Youtube when I have finished.  



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